Zhejiang Pujiang Xian Changda Co., Ltd. is located in the Jinhua area of central Zhejiang. The Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway and highway pass through, and the transportation is very convenient. The company was founded in 1985, covers an area of 50 acres, specializes in the production of chemical fiber machinery accessories, has the design and development capacity of new products, has complete processing equipment and testing methods, annual sales of more than 30 million yuan, high-quality after-sales service , To make you happy.

The company mainly produces various specifications of chemical fiber spinning machines, filter screens, aluminum gaskets, sealing cups; solution filter cores; distribution plates, spinnerets, sintered felts and other products. Widely used in industrial chemical fibers such as polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, vinylon, polyester, and other medical, water purification, petrochemical, rubber and other industries. With complete product specifications and reliable product quality, it is an ideal manufacturer to replace imported spare parts. The products sell well in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities and the United States, Japan, Vietnam and other countries, and are well received by users.





Add: No. 877, Pingqi Road, Economic Development Zone, Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province

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