Flat Washers

The metal edging filter is mainly used for the filtration of various chemical fiber staple and filament composite fibers.

First, the filter mesh is divided by process

1. Single-layer edging filter mesh;

2. Multi-layer edging filter mesh.

Second, the edge filter mesh is divided by shape

Rectangular, circular, circular, rectangular, waist-shaped, shaped.

3. The edge filter mesh is divided by structure

Single-layer mesh, multi-layer composite filter mesh, combined filter mesh.

4. The edge filter mesh is divided into layers

Single layer, double layer, three layers, four layers, five layers, multiple layers.

Fifth, the main materials of the edge filter mesh

Stainless steel filter (20 ~ 800 mesh), aluminum edge, stainless steel edge.

Sixth, the customized size of the edge filter mesh

8 ~ 800 mm. (Can be customized according to requirements)

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